Security Screens

for Windows & Doors

Homeroom’s selection of security screens caters to every homeowner’s needs, from basic insect screens that include special options for pet-owners, through to the strongest and most impenetrable stainless steel screens on the market. All of the frames are made from powder-coated aluminium and are available in 50 standard and 250 non­standard colour options to choose from.


Forcefield Stainless Steel Security Screens

Forcefield security screens are made from marine grade stainless steel mesh and have a heavy-duty aluminium frame. These screens, which are manufactured by Brisban-basecl company Prowler Proof, use a resin to hold them together as opposed to stainless steel screws. This completely eliminates the threat of oxidation that can be seen in competing products, while still maintaining a strong, durable and impenetrable product. The removal of all screws and rivets also results in a tidier and more seamless-looking product.

Diamond Grill

We carry Prowler Proof diamond grill security screens which are a more economical option to the Forcefield stainless steel mesh option. They come in two different sizes, Small Diamond and Large Diamond and are available for the

  • Hinge Doors
  • Windows
Our diamond grill screens are unique in that they are welded together as opposed to being held together with screws and rivets; this means that there are no visible joints and gives them a seamless appearance. The frames for these screens are available in over 300 different colour options due to their proprietary Snaplock production process.

Insect Screens

Our range of insect screens are made from a high quality and long lasting fibreglass mesh that is welded onto an aluminium frame. The welding process means that the finished product has extra strength, seamless corners while eliminating all screws and rivets. The heavy duty aluminium frames are corrosion resistant and come in 50 standard and 250 non-standard colour options, ensuring that there is a suitable option for every home owner. The fibreglass gauze is also available in several different options including:


  • Standard fibreglass Insect gauze
  • Micro fibreglass gauze, to keep out midges and small insects
  • Pet safe polyester mesh, a slightly thicker material that is less susceptible to damage from pets
  • ‘Protec’, a sheet of aluminium that has lots of little holes in it, this is a more economical option than stainless steel mesh.





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